Why Choose Us?

There are tons of gyms out there. There's only one CrossFit Plainfield.


Seeing is Believing

Need some convincing? Check out our video and see what Crossfit Plainfield is all about. We come in all shapes and body types yet we all work together to achieve our fitness goals. We’re passionate about staying fit, staying focused, and making sure you’re successful. We work hard but we have fun while we do it.

Fun. Friendly. Focused.

Our diverse team of trainers and teachers are here to keep you focused in a fun & friendly environment.    We come from all types of backgrounds from military, to education, to civil service and many of us started as regular CrossFit members. Our goal isn’t to intimidate but to inspire you to reach your fitness goals and potential.

CrossFit Is Proven to be Effective

The proof is in the results. There a good chance you’ve met a “CrossFit” guy or gal that one month looked unfit and the next month looked healthier and happier.  The transformation might have seemed extreme but the results are common for committed CrossFit members.  Since its establishment in 2000,  the network of CrossFit affiliates has grown to over 13,000.  By joining CrossFit Plainfield, you are joining a global community.





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We're not just a Gym, We're a Community

Our facilities were designed for a Workout, not for watching TV and sipping smoothies 😉

Just because we sweat a lot, doesn't mean we're not fun

Kids love us, especially teens

We have the tools and knowledge to be effective

Seeing people accomplish what they thought was impossible happens frequently

Encouragement is around every corner

We've got the swag to go with the swagger

Our biggest reward is seeing our members succeed

Got questions? We've got answers.