CrossFit Plainfield

Who can Crossfit?

Anyone can!
Whether you consider yourself a serious athlete or are ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle, CrossFit Plainfield is dedicated to bringing you the best training program to help you reach your goals. CFP works with beginning and professional athletes alike, all in the same class. The flexibility of our program is largely what makes it so successful. Every movement that we teach can be scaled or modified, based upon the needs of the athletes. All of our exercises are based on functional movements, which are positions we put our bodies in through the course of a normal day.

At CFP, you will find members with various ages, abilities, and fitness levels. Each one of them is committed to bettering themselves, and to helping you better yourself. The team atmosphere at CrossFit Plainfield is part of what makes it so great, and the support goes a long way toward helping you make fitness a sustainable priority in your own life. So whether you have a chronic health condition, a joint that needs babying, or a muscle that is strained, we can customize your workout so that you can do it safely. Our coaches are always available, always watching, and always willing to make adjustments. Anyone really can CrossFit, including you. Check out our success stories page to learn more about what our athletes have overcome!