Scott Romijn: Owner
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Trainer
AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coaching Level 1
RxRopes Seminar – XWod Seminar

Fitness has always been a part of my life. From the age of 4, I was playing hockey. I played hockey competitively through college and then I played in recreational men’s leagues thereafter. I enjoyed hockey so much that I got involved with coaching high school teams. In the summers, I enjoyed playing soccer, football, and rugby. I lifted weights regularly from the age of 14. The thing is, even though I participated in all these activities, I could not really run at all, and I could barely get into a squat. This didn’t seem to cross my mind as an issue, because I still thought I was in pretty good shape until the first time I did CrossFit. A friend of mine had been really trying to get me to do CrossFit for a long time, and I just didn’t want to go. Finally, I got tired of hearing him talk about it, so I decided to give it a try and I LOVED it! The workout we did was a hero workout, which is one of the hardest types of CrossFit workouts. My legs were so tired, I couldn’t walk for a week. Everything about it appealed to me, the competitiveness, the comraderie, the challenge, the variability – I was hooked.

What has CrossFit done for me? Like I mentioned above, I could not run and I could not squat. One problem with this was my knees, I had previously torn my ACL and meniscus and thought these injuries would prevent me from ever doing these types of workouts. With constant varied full body conditioning at CrossFit, I was able to build up the strength in my knees and within several months, I ran a 6:47 mile-when previously, I could not even finish a mile. I also started off doing overhead squats with a PVC pipe and that was barely manageable- again, within a few months, I was up to 120 lbs.

I love the friends I have met through doing CrossFit. I love how great it has made me feel about myself. I knew shortly after starting that opening my own gym was a dream I wanted to make happen. I think it is so great everytime I see someone do something they weren’t able to do before. I have seen someone do their first real pull-up, muscle up, and climb to the top of a 15 foot rope- the look on their face is just priceless. I hope that you will join me in my Box and let me help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be- from something as small as doing a proper push-up to something as great as a muscle up. I will be there to guide you every step of the way and push you until you reach your goals.



Coach Sandy

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

CrossFit Kids Trainer

Sandy Tannheimer was a Kindergarten and Reading teacher for five years, and has been CrossFitting since early 2009. Sandy was a gymnast her whole life and enjoyed being part of the competition team.  When her husband discovered CrossFit and discussed it non-stop, Sandy decided to give it a try. “As a Mom of two girls, CrossFit was something I did not think I could do. However, I quickly realized I was stronger than I gave myself credit for.  The community support is what really drew me into CrossFit.”   Sandy received a Level 1 certification in 2013 and has been coaching since then.  Sandy’s favorite part of coaching is helping people set and achieve goals, seeing the fire inside people to become better, and encouraging people to live long, active lives.


colleen bio

Coach Colleen 

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

CrossFit Kids Trainer

Sports and fitness have always been a huge part of my life. Through high school I played basketball, volleyball, and softball competitively. I had a four year softball scholarship and then went on to play professional softball with the Chicago Bandits. Once I was done playing I began coaching softball for younger kids as well as at the high school level for eight years. I was also a history teacher for 5 years at Mother McAuley High School.  In 2014, my husband started CrossFit and urged me to try, he said” I would fall in love with it.” He was right, after the first workout, (which I puked after) I was hooked. It was very different from the regular gym scene and I didn’t get bored doing it everyday. CrossFit allows you to push yourself to the limit and truly see what your body can accomplish. It allows you to be competitive, either against yourself, the clock, or with your friends.  Some of my favorite things about CrossFit don’t even have to do with the workouts, its the friends you make, the community you get involved with, and the spirit of CrossFit that makes it great. I have been a coach and a teacher for the past 10 years and I jumped at the opportunity to coach CrossFit and share my love of this sport with others. I love helping people do things they never thought they could, and seeing their excitement when they achieve their goals. I truly believe that CrossFit is for anyone at any age, from any background, and any level of fitness. You just have to be willing to try something new!


Coach Jason 

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

I have always been very active in sports and martial arts. From grade school to high school, I played football, baseball, and basketball all year round. I excelled in football in high school, and gave up the other sports to focus on getting bigger, stronger, and faster for just football. After doing CrossFit for nearly two years now, I can’t believe the mistakes I made back then from lack of education about fitness.  Now, almost ten years later, I am  faster, stronger, and have a better understanding of real fitness. After high school I enlisted into the United States Marine Corps and was honorably discharged as a Sergeant after six incredible years. While in the Marine Corps, I learned a lot about teamwork, and what it takes to push yourself and others past all limits to complete the mission. After the military, I tried to stay in shape and join the “global gym” types, and again I found myself with no guidance or instruction– no feeling of home, no feeling of anyone caring if I was doing something correctly or safe! I found myself just going through the motions. Then the great day came when I walked into CrossFit Plainfield. I immediately knew after meeting Coach Scott, I would be pushed again. I would have fun working out and competing with friends. Most importantly, I would  always be instructed on what I was doing incorrectly.
What I love about CrossFit is simple. Great at nothing, good at everything. I have never just wanted to be strong. I have never just wanted to be fast. I want it all– cardiovascular respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. I  have had such great coaches help me reach my goals that I just want to be able to give back, and help others now. I look forward to helping you reach yours!


chris bio pic

Coach Chris

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Registered EMT

Advanced Technician Firefighter

I have been active in athletics most of my life. I played football at the high school, collegiate and semi pro levels. I continued to train off and on throughout the years, following the same programs I did when I was playing. This was fine, but it did not translate well into my profession of the fire service. Our physical work is usually fast paced, short in duration and very demanding. I had the strength, but nothing else. I will admit, I was a doubter of the whole CrossFit “fad”. My first CrossFit experience was at a 9/11 memorial event. I barely managed to make it through and I was completely wiped, but It felt good. I wanted more. Not long after I joined CFP. CrossFit has definitely had an impact on my life. I can do things now that I couldn’t do 15 years ago, a time I thought I was in the best shape of my life. It truly is functional fitness. My quality of life improved, everything from my job to yard work. It has a trickle down effect. I began to pay more attention to my diet and my sleeping patterns. I felt better, got leaner and had more confidence. The CrossFit community is another reason I enjoy this sport of fitness. While it is an individual sport, it also has a team atmosphere. People will push you to excel. They will encourage you to go beyond where you have ever been, physically and mentally. My advice to new members is this; don’t be intimidated by some of the men and women you see in the box that are crushing their workouts. They all started from the beginning foundation classes like you. Watch them, ask them questions about technique and learn from them. I learn new things everyday and I am more than happy to share what I’ve learned over the past few years.

Krista pic

Coach Krista 

NSCA Certified Personal Trainer (2008)

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Kids Trainer

From a very young age I developed a love for a variety of sports (basketball, softball, and volleyball) but basketball rose to the top of my athletic pursuits. As both a basketball player and head coach at the high school, college and semi-professional levels, I have come to understand the importance of strength and conditioning in relationship to excelling in any sports. Being a positive role model and a mentor of living a healthy lifestyle has always been my own personal watchword for respecting my body as a temple of God.

Currently, I am in my fourteenth year of teaching high school physical education. It has always been my passion to educate and enhance the quality of students’ lives by providing them with the right tools they need to live a lifestyle of wellness. Helping my students reach both their short and long term fitness goals has always brought me great satisfaction. Within the last year I have implemented CrossFit workouts into my fitness section of the physical education curriculum. Those workouts have truly ignited a “fitness fire” in many of my students! They are working hard during the workouts and at the same time they are having a positive, fun experience with becoming a physically fit teenager.

As I reflect back on my own experience with CrossFit, it was a conversation with my sister (an avid CrossFit believer!) that enticed me to give CrossFit a try for myself. I had no idea at the time how CrossFit would positively impact my life and the lives of the many students that I teach! After doing the workouts and through getting my CrossFit Level 1 Certificate, I was hooked. CrossFit has changed everything about fitness for me.

I am excited about this opportunity to coach kids and teens the basic core concepts of fitness at CrossFit Plainfield! Being given this pathway to impact the lifestyles of our future generation is a dream come true for me. Instilling in others, both young and old, a love and passion for maintaining a lifestyle of wellness is truly my life’s calling.

nicole bio

Nicole Shamo

Nicole Shamo has been a member of CFP since July of 2015 where she currently teaches yoga. A former dancer, she attended yoga classes in college to compliment her conditioning. Having practiced yoga for twenty years, Nicole is in the process of completing a 200 Hour Yoga Certification and is focusing her dissertation on yoga for CrossFit athletes. She is an avid triathlete who competes in Sprint and Olympic distance races. After certification (200CYT), she plans to race in a Half Iron Man and is confident CrossFit training will help her achieve this goal. Nicole is a member of the Naperville Waves Masters swim team and also loves to box and dance.

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