Mike’s Transformation

  When what someone is doing isn’t working, one must change one’s actions.. And when it came to my physical well-being, I was in a rut. I lifted weights, could rep 335# on the bench, but wasn’t getting anywhere. I’d lift and do cardio and felt like I made zero progress. Mostly because I made zero progress. I had little leg strength, being an old marathon runner, you don’t do squats – they kill your distance. But I got fed up. I used to box, but I wasn’t interested in MMA as much as I thought, and I knew my legs needed work. I’d been passing “the box” on my way to work many times over and saw people flipping tires inside, and looking like they were really challenged and out of breath. I knew that was for me. So in August 2015, I started. I walked in, met Scott, did my work up, started my intro and 5,4,3,2,1 and discovered I couldn’t squat for jack squat. 5,4,3,2,1 kicked my ass. I napped for an hour and a half afterward. As far as routine WODs, I was very infrequent at first, my job was nuts – 16 hour days, many times 24/7, and my teenage daughters live with me, so I have to give them lots of time. But I went as often as I could. I felt better and made the decision to go full bore. I started going 4 times a week, 3 minimum, in Nov/Dec 2015. Here’s what it was like going into this: I weighed 244 lbs on Nov 3rd, 2015. Today, I’m down to... read more


What are people saying about CrossFit Plainfield?   *This is the first CrossFit gym I have been to and will not look anywhere else. The coaches are fantastic, they always help me with my form and give advice for improvement. The other members are friendly and supportive. I’ve never been to a gym where I feel like I’m part of the family. It’s a great atmosphere. Sign up today, you won’t regret it. -John *I was nervous to start CFP but only regret not doing it sooner!! I’ve met the best people there who push you to keep coming and keep challenging yourself!!! Love it!! There are modified moves to get started, the coaches are attentive to your proper form & your classmates will cheer you on. Class zooms by with the Warm-Up, Strength then WOD. I always leave feeling glad I got my workout in for the day!! -Heather *I drop in every time I am in the area and this Box is awesome. It’s huge, clean and the coaches are great. The owner is fantastic and the workouts are excellently programmed. If you are in the market for a Crossfit Box and are looking g to start, this is the place. -Fernando *Scott runs a great, accommodating program . The classes are well organized with and anyone from any level of fitness can participate. He has helped to create a great, inclusive culture for new participants and regulars alike. The trainers are dedicated and resourceful which helps to complete the experience there as well. – Jason... read more

Keely’s Story

Keely Today marks the 2 year anniversary of me walking into my first Foundation class. Since I’ve never been a big “before” photo person, I have no good photographic evidence to serve as inspiration, just my story (if you are new, please take photos, you’ll appreciate it later). I’ll try to be as brief as possible. I have led an active life. I started gymnastics as a child and continued through a NCAA Div I career. Afterward I spent a couple of years competing in body building, 12 years in martial arts, and threw in a few half marathons here and there. I had my son late in my 30’s and was not allowed to do any physical activity aside from working during my pregnancy. After he was born, it was hard to get back at it regularly, between working part time to full time, and pretty much never sleeping for two years. Over the years, I got back at it somewhat, but walked into CFP in close to the worst shape of my life. I pretty much swore at Scott in my head, when during foundations, he said “I assume that you can’t do pull-ups”, but he was right. I also couldn’t do push-ups with some roll up, run at any speed or lift much weight, all things that I could do (except the weights) starting at 7 or 8 years old. Over the last two years, I regained some previous skills and added new ones. I went from hiding in the corner with a trainer bar with my CFP-BFF, Jennifer Lynn, to consistently adding more weight and trying... read more

Monique’s Journey

Monique “Mo” It’s that time of year again. Happy 2 year CrossFit anniversary to me!  I walked into CFP on St. Paddy’s Day 2014, and did 5-4-3-2-1 in the foundation class for the first time. Pretty sure Wod Boxes laughed at me that day and C. Scott said my time was slow…not much has changed in that aspect. Just so happens we had the same workout today. I cut about 3:30 mins off my time from 2 years ago and did it Rx. Without this getting all “Academy Award Acceptance Speechy,” just like to say a simple thanks to letting me make CFP a home. Can’t wait to see what the next year holds for me there. Updated... read more