When what someone is doing isn’t working, one must change one’s actions.. And when it came to my physical well-being, I was in a rut. I lifted weights, could rep 335# on the bench, but wasn’t getting anywhere.

I’d lift and do cardio and felt like I made zero progress. Mostly because I made zero progress. I had little leg strength, being an old marathon runner, you don’t do squats – they kill your distance. But I got fed up. I used to box, but I wasn’t interested in MMA as much as I thought, and I knew my legs needed work. I’d been passing “the box” on my way to work many times over and saw people flipping tires inside, and looking like they were really challenged and out of breath. I knew that was for me.

So in August 2015, I started. I walked in, met Scott, did my work up, started my intro and 5,4,3,2,1 and discovered I couldn’t squat for jack squat. 5,4,3,2,1 kicked my ass. I napped for an hour and a half afterward. As far as routine WODs, I was very infrequent at first, my job was nuts – 16 hour days, many times 24/7, and my teenage daughters live with me, so I have to give them lots of time. But I went as often as I could. I felt better and made the decision to go full bore. I started going 4 times a week, 3 minimum, in Nov/Dec 2015.

Here’s what it was like going into this: I weighed 244 lbs on Nov 3rd, 2015. Today, I’m down to about 200lbs.  My blood pressure has dropped 10 points on both systolic and diastolic measurements. Now it’s about 120/80 on average. I come from a family with heart problems. It’s why I ran marathons and never smoked. But I still wasn’t healthy. CrossFit got me where I am now. My cholesterol dropped too. It was 200 now it’s 152. My LDL dropped from 159 to 102, HDL rose from 35 to 40 (not great but a 14% improvement.) I’ve dropped clothing sizes – not size- sizes. I have to have all my suits taken in. I’ve had to buy new clothes. My run time is much better – I just ran 4.4 miles in 37:21. I placed 85 out of 1800 guys in my age group in a Spartan race. I was the only guy in my group to make it over all the 8′ wall obstacles. Not bad for a 48-year-old guy (no grandpa jokes, even though I am one) who was almost paralyzed from a serious compression fracture to my spine parachuting 20 years ago.

The people here are awesome. Scott was very empowering. Doozer is an inspiration. I joke around and say, “when I grow up, I want to be like Doozer.” But I could say the same about Coach Jason, Coach Sandy, Coach Colleen , Chris Hurst, Jason Snider, Jason, Brian, or Brandon, or Eric or, or a lot of people who really inspire me there. People like Mike, Joe, Remy, Stacy, her son, Nick (what a great kid!) We’re all just doing our best. Bottom line is this – CrossFit works. Period. This is now a part of me. It’s not a hobby, it’s part of my lifestyle. And for all the people who think CrossFit is crazy, I can only say, I’m sorry you’re afraid to do it. You’d feel so much better if you could get past your fear and get into the box. My goals now are to build strength and mass and get better at OLY. I know that’ll help out a ton in many of the WOD’s. And besides, snatching your own body weight is a good goal to have.”