Getting Ready For Your First WOD at Crossfit Plainfield

What You Need To Know

  • BRING YOUR FORMS!!! You need to type out, print and sign your:
  • If your child is starting, please fill out the Kid’s Intake Form below. 
  • What you eat and drink 24 hours prior to your WODs is just as important as what you eat and drink the day of your WOD.
    • Drink plenty of fluid
    • Bring water with you to the WOD
    • Do not eat 90 minutes – 2 hours prior to wodding
    • Eat plenty of healthy food – we see a lot of people UNDER eat and it affects performance adversely – you need to fuel for this
    • Eat enough lean, high-quality protein
    • Eat within 60-90 minutes of completing your WOD. Make sure this is a quality meal. If you do not have time to prepare proper meals to support you, we cater very healthy, PALEO meals right to our box. Contact Cinderella Paleo Catering to have your gluten-free, starch-free, sugar & salt-free meals prepared each week for you and delivered right to the box.
    • There are a lot of supportive members in our box. You can always ask your coach or members what something is. (you’ll come across a lot of terms that you may not be familiar with)
    • Remember the only way to get where you want to be, is to keep moving and not judge where you’re at. Be optimistic about ALL your experiences. The difficult ones are forging you, the easy ones you’ve worked for. There is always something to learn.
    • NONE OF US ARE EVER “THERE.” “THERE” is boring. “THERE” is an end. “THERE” means there’s nowhere else to go; no other ways to improve, no other skills to learn.
    • Each day is different. Expect only to work as hard as you possibly can. Do not expect a specific result. Thinking you *should* be able to do something that your body is not ready to do, is a recipe for negativity and discouragement. Expect only to work your ass off each day you come in, and be happy with the results that work is providing your body and your frame of mind.
    • Remember you’re going to have AMAZING days where you feel strong, confident and like you can tackle anything. Remember you’re going to have CRAPPY days where you feel weak, unmotivated and stressed. We’re all human, we all have these days. What separates those of us who succeed in reaching our goals, vs. those of us who do not, are the people who show up on the bad days. Those are the hardest days to tackle. Consistently show up on the good AND bad days equally, and your success is guaranteed.