Adaptive Program

Physical impairment doesn't have to be a barrier to fitness improvement

What is Adaptive Crossfit?

When we say CrossFit is for everyone, we mean it!  At CrossFit Plainfield, our Adaptive Athletes program is designed with everyday movements to make life a little easier.  Movements like squatting, picking things up, pulling things close, etc., are practiced in a safe, encouraging, and supportive space.  

The Adaptive Athletes program consists of physically and non-physically impaired or permanently adaptive individuals who are eager to improve their fitness level.  We divide members into three groups: upper body, lower body, and seated athletes.  Each group works on movements to make everyday tasks faster to accomplish with independence as a goal.  

CrossFit Plainifield has been working with adaptive athletes (ages 8 through adults) for 2 years. Our trained coaches make class fun for young athletes and demonstrate the community aspect of CrossFit for adults. 

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My name is Katie and I am an adult with cerebral palsy. I have been going to Crossfit since the summer of 2017. I think it has been the best thing I have done.  Crossfit is something I am doing for myself instead of someone else exercising my muscles. Coach Sandy adapts the exercises everyone else does so I can do them the best I can. I train like everyone else, with some modifications, and have my own goals. (Including a 5K)

Katie McCarthy

Adaptive Athlete