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Schedule a No Sweat Intro today to learn about your options! We will talk about what your fitness goals are and help you pick the right program tailored specifically for you.  Part of what makes CrossFit Plainfield different from every other gym out there is the personal attention we give in talking about nutrition, goal setting and lifestyle.

We never pressure anyone to join, don’t do contracts and truly want it to be a good fit for everyone.

The journey to a healthier you starts now.

At Crossfit Plainfield, we recognize there are a hundred reasons why you’re looking for a gym. Whether you’re looking to shed pounds, trying to live a healthier lifestyle or are just unhappy with your current workout regiment, our members are ready to welcome and support you. Our success is built around your success and our gym’s goal is to make sure you achieve your personal health goals.
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Programs for everyone

Variety is the spice of life.  Crossfit Plainfield offers a selection of programs to customize your workout.


The CrossFit program is designed for everyone. Universal scaling, makes the workouts highly effective regardless of member experience.

Personal Training

Personal training is available for anyone  who prefers 1:1 coaching  and  is perfect for any age or experience level.

Olympic Lifting

With the Olympic Lifting program, supplement your regular training while improving technical execution of the snatch, clean and jerk and related lifts.


How you eat is as important as the workout you’re getting. Maximize your fitness potential with a nutrition plan designed specifically for your body.

CrossFit Teens

Designed to emphasize good movement throughout adolescence, CrossFit Teens has been adopted by many school and before/after school programs.

Team Sports Strength & Conditioning

Our staff have coached various sports, and competed on teams at the collegiate level. With our program, teams have improved strength, power, speed, coordination, and endurance.

Adaptive Program

We offer a strength and conditioning program to children ages 8 and up with disabilities. Our athletes can feel confident & strong while having fun.

Got questions? We've got answers.

We’re here to help. Call us at 815-556-9206. Visit us at 24119 Riverwalk Court, #137, Plainfield, IL. Or click below to send a message.